“Rusticbynicho was founded for many different reasons”

  • To create ‘UNIQUE’ pieces of woodwork that can be considered artwork.
  • To design unique pieces that solve a problem or have a definite purpose and thought to the design.
  • Build by hand—’a lost art’
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Give back to the community

I have already learned in my early years that having the opportunity to do what I enjoy and learn on a daily basis is a gift. Any products available on this site will be ‘built by hand’ here in the heart of America. Quality is extremely important in all phases. Each product will be inspected at each step of production. No two pieces will look exactly the same as low-quality imports. This also makes each product purchased a ‘unique’ piece. To show some of the differences we will be utilizing brief descriptions and/or short videos to show the quality difference between what may be available online or in box store retailers.

It is our belief that part of the annual profit will be donated to a charitable organization with detailed information provided in the Giving Back of the website. No matter the amount, I believe it is important for any business to give back; having the ability to own and start a business, at this early age of my life, is a true blessing. Every year my mom goes on multiple mission trips to help others and has instilled this trait and ‘gift’ into me as well.

“Secondly, I know it is important to protect our environment for the years to come. A majority of all the wood products used in construction will be one of the following”

  • To create ‘UNIQUE’ pieces of woodwork that can be considered artwork.
  • To design unique pieces that solve a problem or have a definite purpose and thought to the design.
  • Build by hand—’a lost art’
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Give back to the community

“Our main goal is to turn waste into beauty and usable quality products. Therefore, the types of woods being used in the products will vary.”

Wood Descriptions

When the following words are used in a description—this is what you might receive:

  • Rustic – pine, alder, oak, cedar or dill wood. When working with reclaimed or recycled wood—it is impossible to always provide the same exact wood product. Also, keep in mind that we are talking ‘rustic’ here. Part of the beauty of rustic pieces is that no two pieces will look exactly the same. So you will be purchasing UNIQUE pieces of woodworking for your home, business, work or vacation home.
  • Specific Reclaim – in a specific reclaim, the description will have a specific type of wood in the description. Two of the main wood products that will be designed and built are for example species of mesquite and pecan families.
  • Natural Edge – in some of the products a natural edge may be offered, meaning the bark portion of a product will be sprayed and sealed with at least five coats to help protect and preserve the natural edge look.

Stain Color Options Available

Now for the final finishes, Rustic by Nicho will only be offering three types of colored finishes and each product will specify the color of the product being sold:

  • Color 1 – Dark Ebony or dark stain color- please keep in mind that this may hide some of the beautiful characteristics of the wood. But we also realize that this is currently being used in many home and business projects.
  • Color 2 – Medium brown stain color- this will match many different color wood stains and will help to highlight the characteristics of the grain and knots in the wood.
  • Color 3 – Light or natural finish – There will be no stain on the wood. It will have a natural finish and be ready to apply any stain or paint color that you may desire.
  • Color 4 – Custom – Any specific or stain color request must be submitted to sales@rusticbynicho.com. These will be priced slightly higher and may require a slightly longer delivery time. We will accept custom orders on a case-by-case basis.

Finishes Available

The final step in the process will be the finish that is applied. It is important again to keep the environment in mind. All products used will have a low VOC content. Any kitchen product will have a safe finish and additional instructions provided for proper future use. Being environmentally conscious or ‘green’ is important for environmental sustainability and an important part of the company’s culture.

Discounts Available

Volume purchases may qualify for discounts. Also, more time may be needed for delivery, but these questions should be submitted directly to Nicho


Lastly, it is important to point out that like with everything else in life, if you care for a product purchased it will definitely last. Rustic by Nicho will not be using any polyurethane products to finish. This will allow you the opportunity to refinish or re-stain and paint in the future, should you choose to do so. We will do our best to ensure the quality of each piece, but there may be knots or small distress points in each piece. Also, wood products have a tendency to expand and contract based on temperature or humidity. With this being said, should you receive a product that you are not completely satisfied with, we respectfully request that you allow us to ‘make it right’ and send a replacement. Any questions or concerns specific to any product received or to be ordered, please contact Nicho. Any feedback is always greatly appreciated.

Final Thought

If you happened to read this far ‘LOL’, we would just like to take a moment and thank you for your time and hopefully your business. Referrals and leads are always greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for your trust.

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